Centre for PRTR Data

Development of this site

This site has been developed by the OECD's Task Force on PRTRs (Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers),which is part of the Environment, Health and Safety Programme. Japan served as a lead country in the development of this website.

Purpose of this Database

The purpose of this database is to share PRTR data as widely as possible within the OECD area, consistent with the OECD Council Recommendation C(96)41/Final, as amended by C(2003)87. The purpose is to include PRTR data from as many OECD countries as practicable and feasible. PRTR data included in this database is compiled on a national or regional level. The database does not include PRTR data of individual sites of facilities.

This database will be updated on a regular basis to include additional and new data that has been made available.

How to use this site

Users can create a report of PRTR data according to years, countries, regions, industry sectors, chemicals, types of release sources, and types of releases and transfers.

Users should note that due to differences between different PRTRs, such as the number and type of pollutants, sectors that are subject to reporting and the reporting thresholds, it may be misleading to compare or rank countries based on the PRTR data presented in this database.


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             Off-site transfers to disposal
             Off-site transfers to treatment
         Off-site transfers for recycling
         Off-site transfers for energy recovery
         Transfers to sewage

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